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Gardner Museum

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The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum



NOTE:  If you have a college or university ID, the entrance fee is $5. It's regularly $12.

If your name is Isabella  (or Isabel, Isabelle), the entrance to the museum is free.



A brief overview of the museum



courtyard - outdoor space surrounded by a building [in this museum, the courtyard is covered by a glass ceiling]

bloom all year round - flowers and other plants open and show their colors in all seasons

Victorian matron - a woman who lived during the time of Britain's Queen Victoria (late 19th and eary 20th century)

sketching - drawing pictures

lit by natural light - illuminated by sunlight, (not electrical lights)



1. Why was Mrs. Gardner called "Mrs. Jack"?

2. What was her role in the design of the museum and the placement of the art?

3. What kind of art is in the museum?

4. Why is coming to the museum a different experience in the winter and in the summer?



A glimpse of the museum and what happens there




plunged into - put into the middle of (like jumping into a body of water)

an assault on the senses - your senses (hearing, smell, etc.) are overwhelmed

feast on - enjoy very much (usually said of eating food)



A description of the theft on March 18, 1990



Note:  The audio doesn't begin until several seconds after the video starts.

posing as - pretending to be

gain entrance to - manage to enter

a ruse - a trick, something to fool other people

a disturbance - problem, noise, disorder

overpower - conquer with force, be stronger than

tie up - tie someone with rope so he/she cannot move

basement - space in a building below the ground



1. How did the thieves get into the museum?

2. What did they do to the guards?

3. What were some of the works that they stole?



A trailer (advertisement for a movie) for "Stolen"

A documentary of the theft and of one man's search for the lost art.


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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Tour

A link to a web video (with a transcript of what is said) describing Mrs Gardner and her museum.

About 2 minutes long with a nice view of the courtyard.

Click Here:  Watch this at Bob Vila



Link to The Wikipedia entry on the Gardner Museum.



Map of the area

Note that BU is north of the museum.


View Larger Map

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