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Sohyon Jang (Korea)


I strongly recommend you visit Rockport; you can see very beautiful scenery in spring and summer seasons. I went to Rockport last summer with my friends by commuter rail. It’s really good you can visit Rockport without a car. Even though it’s a little far from downtown Boston, we can take the commuter rail. You should check when the commuter rail comes before leaving for Rockport.




The train to Rockport runs very infrequently, so should check the time to go there and come back.


After arriving at Rockport station, we walked for about 15 minutes; the station and downtown of Rockport were pretty close. My first impression of Rockport was very adorable and beautiful. I saw a lot of stores selling charming stuff, such as earrings and souvenirs. The store I dropped by first was a chocolate and candy store. There were a lot of cute looking, delicious candies and chocolate, so I just couldn’t pass them up. I bought some for my friends and my host family. The shapes of those are unique and nice, so it’s good to give someone, I think.


While we were walking around Rockport, we took a lot of pictures because my friends and I really liked the scenery. I probably took more than 100 pictures including pictures of the sea. The sea was so broad that I felt relieved and refreshed.


There is a really famous lobster restaurant, Roy Moore Lobster Company. They serve really fresh lobsters and its price is just about 13 dollars. Though the size of lobster was kind of small, the taste and freshness are perfect. We enjoyed having lunch with lobsters, and two of my friends ordered two. I have never tasted that kind of fresh lobster before! If you go to Rockport, you should have lunch with lobsters.



http://www.rockportusa.com/ This is the website you can find information about Rockport. Before we went there, we had checked what there is in Rockport, and what we were going to do in Rockport.



I have to say don’t go to Rockport in the winter. I didn’t know before I visited there last December. When one of my Korean friends came to Boston to travel with me, I wanted to show her something special in Boston. I came up with going to Rockport because I had a really good time there. However, there were very few stores which were opened and no lobster restaurants. I was really disappointed in that and I was really sorry for my friends. If you go there in the winter, there is nothing to do.



I’m sure you can enjoy everything in Rockport: taking pictures with beautiful scenery, delicious and fresh lobsters, and fancy stores. 



Pictures by Sohyon Jang



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