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Boston Common

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The Heart of Boston: 

The Boston Common & The Public Garden

Ji Young Kim (Korea)









In my opinion, all of us who are living nowadays in a hectic and complicated society need the circumstance which lets us be able to relax and feel encouraged. In the case of Bostonians, they are lucky. I think Boston is the city where the past and the modern are coexisting. Among the civilization, rapidly change, and industrialization, there still remain conservation, preservation, and nature. Two parks in Boston are good examples of that.




There are two parks in Boston which are called Boston Common and Public Garden. They are large parks located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. They are adjacent to each other. They are easily accessible from the MBTA Green Line's Arlington Station. Other nearby subway stops include the Green Line's Boylston Station and the Red Line's Park Street Station.



According to the Wikipedia, The Boston Common is one of the oldest city parks in the United States. It consists of 50 acres. There is a visitors' center where people can get some information about all of Boston on the Tremont Street side of the park. Here, the place of interest is the Frog Pond. Especially in winter, at the Frog Pond we can enjoy ice skating. Don’t feel bad that you cannot go to ice skating, if you are not here in winter. In spring and summer, it is better. If the weather is good, just go out to the Boston Common with your family, friends, pet, lover or only yourself. It is truly an awesome place where we can escape from our busy life for a while and just enjoy the day.



Each time I go there, I sit anywhere on the grass-ground. I feel a gentle breeze. The sky is light blue and there are some fluffy clouds. Slow but rhythmical music is playing on the I-pod. It is just like paradise. Also, it will be good to prepare something to eat. I bring some muffins, and they taste sweeter and more delicious.




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