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Page history last edited by Joseph Pettigrew 6 years, 8 months ago

Listening/Speaking/Vocabulary - Pool 4

Center for English Language and Orientation Programs

Boston University

Fall 2013


Joseph Pettigrew





PLEASE NOTE:  After Monday, December 16, the contents of this page will be removed. If you want to save any of the files or links, please do so by then.


Class Information


Course information and syllabus (given out at the beginning of the course):






Tuesday, Oct. 1
Bring "Real Talk 2" to class
Thursday, Oct. 3
Have a topic for your 1st Oral Presentation; sign up for a day
Tuesday, Oct. 8
Vocabulary Worksheet for Chapter One - Check your answers here.
Thursday, Oct. 10 Oral Presentation:  Haruka, Lucia, Kasumi
Tuesday, Oct. 15 Oral Presentation:  Keito Kie, Chie / Texting abbreviations (like g2g, POS, etc.) - think of one or two examples in your own language; be ready to explain them to the class
Thursday, Oct. 17 Oral Presentation:  Maria, Yoo Young, Masafumi
Tuesday, Oct. 22

Oral Presentation:  Manaka, Yukina

Vocabulary worksheet for Chapter 3 - Check your answers here

Thursday, Oct. 24
Oral Presentation:  Shohei, Toru
Tuesday, Oct. 29

Oral Presentation:  Larissa

Vocabulary Review for Chapters 1, 2, 3 (matching vocabulary + definitions)

Check your answers here

Vocabulary Exam / Listening Comprehension Exam

Thursday, Oct. 31 Oral Presentation:  Ibrahim, Talal / Midterm Evaluations given out
Tuesday, Nov. 5
Sign up for a date for the 2nd Oral Presentation; know your topic and the visual aids you will use (e.g., handouts, PowerPoint, images on a laptop, etc.)
Thursday, Nov. 7

Watch Pimp My PowerPoint and answer the questions on the handout.

Follow this link.

Tuesday, Nov. 12  
Thursday, Nov. 14 Oral Presentation:  Toru
Tuesday, Nov. 19 Oral Presentations:  Haruka, Keito, Maria  
Thursday, Nov. 21 Oral Presentations:  Manaka, Chie, Yoo Young
Tuesday, Nov. 26 Oral Presentations:  Larissa, Yukina, Kie
Thursday, Nov. 28 Thanksgiving
Tuesday, Dec. 3 Oral Presentations:  Masafumi, Lucia, Kasumi
Thursday, Dec. 5 Oral Presentations:  Shohei, Talal, Ibrahim / Vocabulary Worksheet - answers here
Tuesday, Dec. 10 Final Listening Exam, Vocabulary Test #2 / Answers to the homework here
Thursday, Dec. 12 Final Evaluations; Listening & Vocabulary tests handed back; speaking & listening activities












































Real Talk 2 - Online Audio

You can listen to the audio from the textbook (including sections we don't cover in class).

You will need your BU ID and password to access the site.

Link to main page for ALL textbook audio at CELOP















Welcome to Boston:

Info & Advice from BU Today


Next Stop, Boston

Riding the "T" (the Boston subway)

Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Interesting neighborhoods in and around Boston, including Harvard Square & Coolidge Corner

Shop 'till You Drop 

Where to buy what you need for your dorm or apartment



A Club for Every Taste and Cause

Student organizations at BU 
Campus Life 101 - A series of videos from BU Today on topics such as food shopping, safety, stress, and more.

The Voice of Experience

Advice from the class of 2011 to new students (video)

More on Boston ... 


Places to Go in the Boston Area

Suggestions from CELOP students

Jill Brand's Boston Red Sox Page - A CELOP teacher's page about Boston's baseball team

The Hubway  - Rent a bike by the hour (if you feel brave enough to ride on Boston's streets). See also BU Today's Review.

Audio & Video with Transcripts (read & listen)


A daily 10-minute news program for American high school students - with a  transcript on the CNN page.  Links:

CNN Student News page


 A site that is a lot like YouTube, but with instructional videos on every topic you can think of, most with transcripts. A mix of British and American accents.

Quick & Dirty Tips

Audio podcasts on a wide variety of subjects, including legal issues, managing money, public speaking, exercise, health, modern manners, and more. Each episode has a transcript that you can read while you listen to it.





Reading, Vocabulary, & Study Skills



The Academic Word List


The Academic Word List contains 570 word families which appear frequently in a broad range of academic texts. These are not the 570 most common words in English; they are the ones you will encounter most often while reading in university - as well as in newspapers, magazines, and on the internet. If you want to improve your vocabulary, this is a very good place to start.





Reading Suggestions for ESL students


Suggestions from various sources of good books (mostly fiction and biographies) for ESL students - in downloadable pdf format. 






Newcomer's Almanac


A newsletter with information on news, sports, politics, culture, holidays, language, and more.








How (Not) to Study


An article in the New York Times says, "Psychologists have discovered that some of the most hallowed advice on study habits is flat wrong."



And as long as you're going to the New York Times web site, take a look at:






























































Videos/Audio Files from Class

To save to your computer, click on the link below. On the next page, click on Download at the top left of the page.


ABC News - Running Late_ How to Stop.m4v
ABC News - Creative Disorder.m4v   Link to Things to avoid when learning a foreign language (YouTube)


















Distracted Drivers.mp4   Sleep Loss Lowers Grades.m4v   The 'Memory Olympics' 2.m4v
Beauty Trumps All.m4v 08 What's in a Name - Entire Segment.mp3  (audio) A. Verbitskiy: Sound Editing Demo Reel (YouTube)













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